Are you the type of person who believes, when you follow your intuition, you direct your life, so you can have what you want, and give more value? Which means, you can now live life as you’re meant to. Well, there's good news for you. Finally, the search is over. Allstress Management has cracked the code for you, by disrupting the cycle of stress, with integrated mind / body systems. Is that something you want? Ray Goslin ~ Founder

  • *"There is no such thing as 'just a massage' when you visit Ray. If you walk in with a headache, he fixes it; stiff shoulder? - fixes it; Sore neck - fixed. I go to Ray once a month, as part of my health regime. As soon as I get a twinge, I make an appointment and due to his breadth of knowledge (Bowen, Hypnotherapy, Thai Massage, stretching and more) I have no long term issues". RUTH WILLIS, Independent Consultant

  • *"I had a few aches and pains, and decided to follow my daughters recommendation to see Ray. She was introduced to him after suffering whiplash in a car accident. She was very happy with her treatment, which got her back on her feet very quickly. After my first visit, I found the greatest improvement in a short time of any other kind of practitioner I have visited. I would not hesitate in recommending Ray to anyone who is feeling the need to work on pain or stiffness in the body". ISABELLE ALEXANDER, MOORABBIN VIC.

  • *"I went to Allstress Management in pain and unable to turn my head. After some Bowen treatments, I walked out feeling fantastic and pain free. I have since taken my daughter, with a chronic knee problem, and her knees are now pain free and no longer swollen."   ROSEY COOKE, BEAUMARIS VIC.

  • *"Ray's maintenance bodywork has allowed me to gain whole strength in body and mind, which has been a great asset through some difficult life challenges. Much appreciated." LYN PALMER, BEAUMARIS, VIC   P.S. I love your stretch class.   

  • *"Dear Ray, I want to thank you for the amazingly helpful treatment for neck/shoulder & back with Bowen treatment yesterday. I have felt extraordinarily free and energetic ever since. I am so grateful! Your excellent newsletter this month was devoted to Magic and magic happened for me, thanks to you." MARGIE BEADLE, BEAUMARIS VIC

  • "Hi, it's Loretta, The coaching you did with Adam has changed our life. Thank you. And me, my memory is starting to work well (after all these years). You recall, my memory was damaged after a brain injury. I don't know if you can imagine how good it feels to have my memory working as well as anyone else's. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am." LORETTA COUGHLIN, MOORABBIN VIC.

  • Ray is the best practicioner I have experienced. He will solve your problem within 3-6 sessions. Five stars ★★★★★  🙂 DAMIEN CARR > Brighton

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