Success comes easily by reframing. What do we mean by that? Just imagine

you’re looking at a picture of yourself in an area of your life that you would like to be

different. Maybe you’d like to increase productivity. Perhaps you want to lose weight.

Or it could just be that you want to get rid of some of those aches and pains that stress is causing

in your life.


What you think those problems are, they’re not actually the problem. It’s the frame

that they’re being held in. If you were to change the frame, you’re going to get a

different picture, aren’t you? Imagine if you took a picture off your wall and you were

to put a different frame around that picture. Maybe some of the colours would look

different. You get a different perspective on things. Perhaps you’d even see things

that you haven’t seen before, even though it’s the same picture.


By doing the same thing with that area of your life that you would like to change, just

take one thing, you can achieve success. Imagine if you were to put a different frame

around it and you were to paint that picture, you would become the artist. So now the

question is how do we do this?


What I want you to do just sit back, close your eyes and relax. Imagine you’re

starting to paint that picture of how you would like your life to be. How you would

create success in that area of your life. You just focus and you see the picture

starting to take form. It’s almost as if you’re the artist now. You’re painting this

picture. See what it looks like. Hear what it sounds like. Feel what it feels like.

Sit and keep focusing on this picture as it becomes more and more clear as to how

you’re painting this picture. As it becomes clearer you just keep focusing on this



When you feel that picture is complete you can just bring yourself back. Notice

what you need to do to achieve this. What actions you need to take. What people in

your life you need that would help this to be possible for you. Do this every day until

you know that it’s become embedded in your life.

As you do this each day this picture becomes more and more clear and the actions

you take will determine your success.


This is how you will achieve the success that you want in that area of your life.

You focus only on this one thing until it’s embedded in your life. Now put it in this

new frame. Keep focusing on this frame. and this frame will continue to give the

success that you want. You’ll notice the changes determined by your actions.

The Seven Steps To Reframing For Success.

  1. Sit back, close your eyes and relax.
  2. Start to paint the picture in your mind of how you want your success to be.
  3. Let you unconscious mind bring to you what’s necessary to change.
  4. Don’t question anything, just go with it.
  5. Notice what actions you need to take.
  6. Sit in this place until you feel the picture is complete.
  7. Rinse and repeat every day until it’s embedded in your life.

When would now be a good time for you to start re-framing your life for success?

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