In life, the most benefit comes from keeping things simple. To do this we must not fall in to the trap by being too simplistic.

So, what do we mean by this? To live a healthy life, it is important to engage in things that are non-inflammatory. To use diet as an example, as most people’s diets are high in acid forming inflammatory foods.

Turmeric is known to be very effective in reducing inflammation, so adding this to your food intake on a regular basis is a good idea.

The simplistic approach is as follows. Someone said to me recently, they were told, by a health professional no less, if you have turmeric every day, you will not suffer from inflammatory health problems. This thinking is too simplistic. Yes, having turmeric regularly is a good idea, however if the rest of your diet is loaded with acid-forming foods, the effects of the turmeric are diminished or even negated.

Years ago another thing going around was that if you have two or three almonds a day you won’t get cancer. Again, it’s too simplistic. While almonds have anti- carcinogenic qualities, they are not effective in isolation.

The simple approach on the other hand is where you get the benefits. As food is our primary source of medication, a diet high in fresh produce, the recommended five vegetables and two fruits a day should be a given.

Now adding turmeric to this basic dietary approach is where you greatly reap the rewards.

Other things that should also be considered are cinnamon and cherries, best canned or jarred as it is the cooking process that activates the anti-inflammatory ingredients.

I have used diet here as one example. Other things that should be considered are the type of exercise you do, and effective clinical stretching can be used to great effect.

So, the take away here to living a life of good health is to always keep things simple, but not simplistic. Think about this when preparing your next meal.


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