Instinctive intelligence.

You may be wondering what instinctive intelligence is. We’re going to look at the experts in this area. There are four main areas to consider, to start to function better and live the way we’re meant to.

We all know about intellectual intelligence. It’s what we use to get through the tasks of the day, and certainly we need that, and that’s where most people are living most of the time. Sometimes we need to step out of that intellectual intelligence and start using our instincts more.

We’ve also heard about emotional intelligence. This takes you to another level again, usually developed through mindfulness techniques and meditation. When you start getting in touch with your emotions you can start directing your life more, in a guided fashion, to enhance things.

Instinctive intelligence.

Now, let’s get on to the topic of instinctive intelligence. Well, what Instinctive intelligence is, it’s all about stepping aside. Let’s, for a moment, forget about surveys, scientific studies, statistics and facts, and get back to basics. Start tapping in to what our instincts are telling us. There are four main experts in this area, if you like, those that don’t function on that intellectual level, either because they’re a different species or they have a different more basic intelligence. It’s not less intelligent, just different. Something modern humans have lost the art of.

Let’s look at babies. If you want to learn how to breathe properly, because most people are breathing in the upper chest, which contributes to a lot of anxiety and stress. We need to start deep diaphragmatic breathing. If you want to look at the expert in this area, look at babies.

Babies use deep diaphragmatic breathing. Why is it important to do this? Not only does it fill our lungs up properly and makes sure they’re working wholly, but also help to clear them out completely of the toxins. Also, the lungs push down on the other organs, onto your intestine, your stomach, all those organs, so it actually has a massaging effect.

If you want to learn how to breathe properly, watch babies. They don’t even know anything about the intellect, but they know how to breathe properly.

Next thing, if we want to learn how to move, we’re always taught, when you pick things up, you should bend your legs, because you’re activating your quadriceps muscle. These are two of the strongest muscles in the body, and we should be using our legs to pick things up, rather than straining our back. When you bend over and pick things up with straight  legs, that’s more than likely what’s going to happen. You’re going to strain your back.

Who do we look at in this area for the experts? As babies advance, they become toddlers. They start walking around, but if you watch when they pick their toys up, they always squat. They haven’t been taught anything about this. They’re just functioning purely on instinctive intelligence. Their instincts tell them to bend their legs to pick their toys up. Start taking that on board.

If you want to stop living with back pain, learning to have the body function in a better manner, if you like, start bending your legs. Learn how to use your body. Tap into your awareness. This is what instincts are all about. So babies for breathing, toddlers as we know, how to move their body, especially with picking things up.

Now, let’s talk about who are the experts when it comes to flexibility, because flexibility is the thing that causes most problems in most people’s lives, really.

Inflexible body and inflexible mind quite often go hand in hand. It has nothing to do with age, nothing to do with genetics. It’s all about lifestyle. Who do we look at? Who are the experts that act on instincts when it comes to flexibility?

Have a look at dogs and cats, always stretching. They don’t know anything about intellect. They just know every time they stand up to stretch and you watch them. If you actually watch a dog, this is where all the yoga postures, they’re named after. The dog stretch, the cat stretch. It’s for a reason, because they knew to observe animals, because the animals know best.

If you watch a dog stretching, when they do their downward dog, if you watch them, they get a beautiful grin on their face. They don’t always hold a stretch for the same time or just randomly. They can feel what they need. It’s all about letting the fascia releasing the muscles. This is what you need to understand when you’re stretching is to hold a stretch long enough so the fascia releases, purely instinctual.

We all do it to a degree instinctively. If you’ve been sitting for a while and you stand up, you tend to arch back and have a bit of a stretch. We do it instinctively, but if you can start tapping into this more, developing more awareness, you can really start using stretching to live with less pain.

Now let’s talk about who are the experts when it comes to diet and eating. We know there’s hundreds of diets out there. None of them work. If any of them worked, there’d only be one, the one that worked.

You look at the Hunza tribe, one of the longest living cultures on the planet, hunter, gatherer. They still hunt with bows and arrows. We certainly don’t want to be doing that, but they just eat what their instincts tell them to eat. They eat what’s available to them and most importantly, they eat fresh produce that’s provided by nature, sunshine, the rain, all that.

They don’t even know what an enzyme or a vitamin is, nor do they care. Why should they? All they need is their instincts. You see, we tend to eat by the clock or because the plate’s full, we’ve all been taught, you better eat all your food, because there’s starving kids in other countries. That’s not a really a very good argument.

Instinctively, we have an abdominal brain and a cerebral brain and these brains talk to each other, but we’ve lost the instinct to know to only eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full. When you start doing this and applying things like mindfulness to your eating, you don’t need to care about vitamins or the experts who supposedly know about nutrition. Just start eating fresh produce. Start tapping into your instinctive intelligence, anchor these principles to meditative processes, and you’ll start living a better life. This is how we are meant to live. Technology is great, when it is your servant. 

The ideas I’ve presented here are simple, but not necessarily easy. It takes time to develop awareness.

When mastered and followed, this formula will  relieve pain and stress, and eliminate almost all health problems.

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Ray is a behavioural expert with over a quarter of a century of practical and clinical experience observing people and animals, using an eclectic mix of movement, bodywork systems, and unconscious mind processes.



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