“How To Eliminate Headaches Once And For All With An Efficient, Affordable And Revolutionary System That You Can Use Anywhere, Anytime.”

20th January 2018

Do you suffer from tension headaches, noticing as the day goes on, the shoulders tighten up as stress builds? You know your productivity starts dropping off, so you take a pain killer, and yes it improves for a while, but it doesn’t really fix things. Maybe you decide to go for a walk outside in the fresh air. This is a good thing to do but let’s face it there’s work to be done, so you need a better solution.re you the type of person who sees the value in having regular remedial massage treatments, or are you the type that hopes it will just go away. If you do have regular treatments you are aware of the benefits it brings, but what do you do in between?

Your next appointment is in two weeks, and you just wish your therapist could be there now to do something. It’d be nice to have that luxury wouldn’t it? But you know that’s unrealistic and besides even if you could it would cost you a fortune. Well, I have good news for you. Imagine if you knew what the therapist does to treat these headaches. You can now take advantage of a specially designed programme from a master therapist that takes you through the process step by step with everything you need to know. And what’s more you will be able to do it anywhere, anytime in just a few minutes. Does this sound like something you would like to know?



First let’s clear up a few things about what causes the problem. You may have been told that it is degeneration of the joints. You see joint degeneration starts at around age thirty, so you don’t need x-rays to know this. Besides this will not fix the problem. All you need to know is how to fix it, right. The programme I am going to tell you about is all about that, fixing things.

Headaches are caused by mental tension from brain overload and tension in the body when it is under stress. So if you address all the structures you have a blueprint to eliminate headaches once and for all. I’ll make this simple so it is easy to understand. There are three main physical structures you need to target,

  • 1. The hard structures which includes the joints and bones.
  • 2. The soft tissues of the muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • 3. The fascia or connective tissue that connects everything in the body, and is the most crucial element to see results.

All the structures are connected so it makes sense to treat every level does it not. So if we look at this on a logical level you’ll see what I mean. If you release tension in the joints with adjustments and all the soft tissues are tight it only makes sense that the muscles will pull the joints back to where they were. By releasing the tight soft tissues you allow the joints to adjust naturally. So if you’re following me you can know that if the fascia is still tight it will pull the muscles and joints back to square one. As you can now know that each level you go down you automatically release the structures above so when we work on the fascia the joints and soft tissues realign themselves naturally.

This is the secret to how this works. You see, a builder needs a toolbox with the different tools for each part of the job. So just having one modality of therapy is like building a house with a screwdriver. Not very effective. You could go to different therapists first for a massage and then to get adjustments. Then you think about psychotherapy to treat the mental stress. This is time consuming and can be costly. Physical therapists, while they are aware that tension affects you psychologically are not trained to deal with this aspect. Likewise psychotherapists do not know how to treat the physical elements.

To get the best results these different modalities need to be integrated, and as each therapist doesn’t know how the others work, the end result is usually diluted. The best treatments that work on all the structures are Remedial massage using myotherapy and in particular the Bowen technique. Also, specific Remedial stretches and mental relaxation with hypnosis and meditation added to this and you’re good to go.

So now, imagine if the knowledge required all came from the same person. Integration is complete and far more effective. You save time and money too as you only pay for consultations with one therapist.This is equally applicable to using programmes you buy. You would have to get them from different sources and then figure out how to fit them together. Because integration is crucial my system has been put together with this in mind, so you know it works seamlessly.



And Why You Should Care

Hi, I'm Ray Goslin. CEO of Allstressmanagement.com. I am an Executive Coach and a musculoskeletal therapist integrating mind and body techniques for over twenty years, and this programme I have developed is the exact things I use with my clients. I live life without pain by applying these techniques from all of my programmes.

It became apparent to me early on that pain and stress affects us on all levels so I decided then to master every aspect to develop a flexible body and a flexible mind for best results. I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bowen technique, Remedial Massage, Yoga Therapy using Thai Yoga bodywork.

After training for many years in martial arts, I have been practicing yoga for twenty years and daily meditation for over thirty years. Anyway, enough about me but I think you should know something of my background.


The system gives you the same techniques I use with my clients. In fact my clients pay me to learn this "System", so you know it has been tested in the real world. But you now have the opportunity to learn exactly what they have using video training with step by step instruction from a master therapist.



I'm including a special audio "MEDITATION FOR STRESS" a guided hypnosis session in an mp3 format that you can download on to your device so you can use it anywhere anytime. This normally sells for $30 but you get it for Free today when you purchase the "Headache Management System"

  • Step by step instruction
  • Practitioner grade training
  • Simple plug and play system
  • Takes just minutes to implement

So you're probably wondering how much it's going to cost for this system. Well my clients pay $470 to see me, so I could easily charge that. But you don't have to pay that. I'm not even going to charge you $200, or even $100. You can have this system for just $67, but it won't stay at that price forever. I am letting you have it for this price because it is in a download format so I don't have to pay to make the physical product or shipping costs. To get this on DVD & CD I would have to charge $235. You can now get this for less than the price of one visit to see a therapist. So take advantage now before the price goes up.And remember you have this for life to use whenever you want

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You can try the System out for 30 days Risk Free for just $67. If you use the system as instructed and don’t see any improvement in that time simply ask for a refund, no questions asked. But I know that won’t happen because this has been tested by clients before being released.