We have established, it is important to keep things simple, but not simplistic. We have already used diet as one example, so let’s now build on this.

To human condition requires four key areas to function properly.

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Flexibility
  4. Still mind

When you consider that 70% of people do no exercise, it’s no wonder people have less than optimum health. The most common excuse is no time. We are also constantly being sold on the quick fix, as things become more dumbed down.

The two ways to exercise are simply walking and intense body weight exercises for 15 minutes. Intense exercise has you breathing deeply to flood your body with oxygen and blood.

Obviously you need to consider you state of health before engaging in this, and build up to it. The ones who have the best knowledge of this are people who train in combat sports. They are not just exercise fit, but fight fit. You don’t get this from standing on a vibrating platform for fifteen minutes, and it is more beneficial and time efficient than an hour in the gym.

Flexibility is probably the thing that is most neglected, hence the real reason so many people are living a life with pain.

All you need do is look at dogs and cats, how they are constantly stretching, because they know best. With humans you can take some notice of those who train in martial arts or yoga, as a key to reducing pain and inflammation.

The simple approach is to do it regularly, and do the four basic directions of stretches: forward bend, side bend, back bend and twist. This can be done in seven minutes, and will have a major impact on your health.

Last, but not least is to have a still mind through meditation. Ten to twenty minutes a day. You can use apps or listen to CD’s. The most effective, although most difficult to master to use nothing and learn to become still, beyond mindfulness or the engagement of the mind. This can be done through training with me.

You can get started with this FREE MP3 download you can get here.

So, keep it simple with regular habits in the four key areas, for a better life.

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